Flat Top Guitars

I make three styles of Flat Top Guitars in two sizes, Parlor and Jumbo. The Parlor is 14" across the lower bout, while the Jumbo is 18", one of the largest guitars ever made. Both styles are 25.5" scale, and are usually twelve frets to the body.

Guitars start at 300.00 in domestic woods. That includes sealed generic tuners, Stauffer-Martin tilt-neck adjustments, jumbo frets, aluminum position markers and minimal lacquer finish.Both sizes are available in either configuration, with a normal soundhole, or as a Blues Dog

Options include cutaways, imported woods,extra string configurations fingerboard width, installed pickups and so on.

These guitars are available as 12 strings, Mandocellos,Baritones,  Basses and so on. Your imagination is the only limit.
The Jumbo is a full 18" across, but built light enough to respond to extra light strings. My guitars are designed for the finger picker and the blues player. Wider fingerboards are available at no extra charge.
The Blues Dog series of guitars are expressly focused toward the fingerpicking blues player. Moving the soundholes to the upper bout allows the top to be just that much thinner and and stronger, therefore much more responsive. I usually make Blues Dogs out of funkier wood on the belief that ugly wood and ugly people get to sing too.